Service Learning

Service is a natural result of our concern for one another. MFS offers a wide variety of service learning activities throughout each school division. All students are supported in finding a place for service in their lives and student-suggested activities are welcome.

Goals of Service Learning at MFS
  • Learn how to identify and meet community needs.
  • Be cognizant of the underlying structures that create societal problems and to reflect on how those structures can be changed.
  • Develop or work with programs that address the identified needs and understand the context of the needs.
  • Recognize that those receiving service should be involved in the development and review of the service.
  • Reflect on both the outcome of the service and the internal experience.
  • Share reflections in some way with the broader community.
Service Requirements

In order to graduate, students must engage in a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service during their Upper School years. Ideally, students concentrate their efforts on one area or placement. Upper School Service Coordinator Gail Barna helps students find service placements and certifies completion of this requirement.

In addition, students may work toward their 50-hour requirement by enrolling in service-oriented minor courses.

Upper School Service Learning Course

Learning Empathy

Let’s learn to understand the needs of others and care for them in a compassionate way. Service hours will be earned by preparing supplies for and visiting our friends with autism, intellectual disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We’ll also learn that in order to best understand others we must first care for ourselves so we’ll practice simple meditations and mindfulness.

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