School Committee

The School Committee, or Board of Trustees, donates a considerable amount of time, financial support, and interest to guiding the affairs of the school. The overall and ultimate responsibility for school management and policies lies with the School Committee. Standing sub-committees include: Advisory, Assets, Development, Governance, and Quaker Values.

School Committee

Ivy Brown ’89, Clerk
Barbara Rose Caldwell, Assistant Clerk
Andrew Searle Pang ’80​, Recording Clerk
Mindy Holman, Treasurer

Kennette Banks ’02
Brett Berman
Julia de la Torre, Ex Officio
Haley Coles Driscoll ’86
Jennifer Galambos
Carol Henry ’71
Janice Johnston ’88
Ruth Geyer Jurgensen ’91
Braheim Knight ’92
Neuman “Larry” Leverett ’91
Louis Matlack ’53, Emeritus
Emily Orel
Nicole Young ’06

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