Connected leaders Stewarding our future

As a fundamental Quaker principle, stewardship asks us to consider the needs of others, concern ourselves with equity, and take responsibility for shaping a better world today for those who will follow in our footsteps tomorrow.

Since 1785, MFS has prepared thousands of students, embraced their families, and served the greater community in countless and immeasurable ways. Our graduates have gone on to enrich public life and promote the greater good in Moorestown, South Jersey, Greater Philadelphia, and far beyond. What makes all of this possible, year after year, generation by generation? The generosity of our alumni and our community, which ensures that MFS thrives and evolves in this vitally important mission, now and far into the future.

We are grateful to past supporters and current donors, and we thank those who will step forward to support the school this year. We welcome you to explore our links for more information on our fundraising initiatives and goals, and we invite you to call the Development Office at (856) 235-2900 ext. 214 with any questions.