Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock 

Giving appreciated securities is a way to support MFS, while gaining tax advantages. You receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock on the date of the gift, provided you have owned the securities for more than 12 months. Most donors avoid the capital gains tax otherwise due on the sale of securities. You are urged to consult your tax professional before making gifts of appreciated stock. Please contact Director of Development Steve Zakroff at (856) 914-4411 or szakroff@mfriends.org for assistance.

Gift Value

The value of your appreciated securities gift is the mean of the high and low price of the stock on the date one of the following occurs:

  • securities and a signed stock power are hand delivered or mailed (date of postmark) to MFS.
  • electronically transferred securities arrive in an account in the name of Moorestown Friends School.
How to Give Securities

When the security is held by your broker or commercial banker (electronic transfer) you can notify your broker by letter that you want to give securities to MFS and send a copy of the letter to the Development Office, or you can call the Development Office to notify us that a stock gift is in the works. 

Stock transfers can be made to MFS via the following:

PNC Investments

The MFS account number with PNC Investments is 005-267627 with a DTC# 0226.  The broker is Ian Giblin, Financial Advisor, PNC Investments at 1620 Riverton Road, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.  The phone number is (856) 786.4694.


The school also has an account with Vanguard Brokerage Services. If you’d like to make a stock transfer to that account, please contact Director of Development Steve Zakroff.

Instructions: The security is in your name and in your possession (stock certificates).
  • Obtain a stock power form from your broker or banker.
  • Sign the stock power. Sign exactly as your name appears on the certificate. If the security is jointly owned, both owners must sign the stock power. The stock power also requires that the signatures be guaranteed.
  • Mail the signed stock power in a separate envelope to the MFS Development Office.
  • Mail unendorsed certificates by first class or registered mail. Please be sure to enclose a letter indicating that you are making a gift of securities and state if the gift is to go to the Annual Fund or for a specific project.
  • If the certificates are already endorsed, send them by insured mail or deliver them to the Development Office.