Great families Finding their place

At MFS, we welcome families of all backgrounds and belief systems into a warm, embracing, and energized community, shaped by our founding Quaker principles. We believe there’s an Inner Light shining in all of us—that we all have special talents and unique perspectives and we all deserve to be valued, supported, accepted, and respected.

This philosophy means that our students treat others with uncommon kindness, forming stronger friendships with classmates and deeper bonds with teachers. They collaborate enthusiastically, support one another, take more risks, and feel safe to learn from mistakes. Here, we know we can go places together that we can’t reach on our own.

At the same time, our students attain remarkable individual accomplishments, including standout test scores, impressive scholarships and honors, and prestigious college acceptances. At MFS, our students learn to acknowledge the spark of potential in themselves—and then to honor it by working hard and doing their best.

Our students are great kids going places. They are also brave thinkers with open hearts, reaching higher and working together. For more information on how your great kid might find their place with us, please contact the Admissions Office via email, by phone at (856) 914-4426 or complete our request for information.

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Great Kids, Going Places