Middle School

Independent thinkers
Growing stronger together

Middle School is a time of discovery and transition—socially and individually, intellectually and emotionally. It’s also a vital academic moment, when maturing minds gain the skills, discipline, and confidence they need to take on growing responsibilities and greater challenges.

Our Middle Schoolers build momentum in major subjects like English, math, history, science, and world languages, as they forge new paths into 3D design and woodworking, art, health, music, physical education, religion, and theater. Our classrooms are warm and respectful spaces where students learn to manage time and organize tasks, to use technology, to meet and collaborate with each other, and to play an active role in our strong Middle School community.

A challenging, supportive, and enthusiastically collaborative atmosphere empowers students to seize this moment—to try harder, dare more, and take responsible risks. Our students may sing in the choir, be a member of the Diversity Club, compete in lacrosse or tennis, or participate in exciting class trips. Middle Schoolers meet twice weekly with tightly knit advisory groups—forming friendships, exploring their emerging sense of independent identity, learning about and celebrating the diversity of our community, pulling together to meet challenges, preparing for what’s next, and celebrating this important moment in the journey.

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