Curious intellects Engaging complexity

Academics at MFS are based on the twin pillars of academic rigor and spiritual and ethical education. Faculty members are experienced, broadly educated, and very accessible to students. Small class sizes create a dynamic experience.

At every level, students at Moorestown Friends School are challenged to think and apply what they are learning. A rigorous, college-preparatory education gives students the foundation to be active learners. Teachers encourage cross-curricular connections and cultivate critical thinking in classroom discussions and independent projects.

Our students’ participatory experiences at every step in the educational process — including hands-on projects and an extensive program of field trips — help build a lifelong passion for learning. Through a coordinated curriculum and strong faculty support, students have the opportunity for exploration and self-discovery.

Moorestown Friends provides students with a safe environment in which they can expand their minds, their hearts and their souls.

Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten

Ages 3 – Grade 4

Grades 5 – 8

Grades 9 – 12

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