30 Under 30: Monica Chelius ’10

The Spring 2021 Among Friends Magazine featured 30 alumni from the Classes of 2008 to 2017, who are a representative sample of the nearly 900 graduates of the school during those years. Their ages range from 30 and just over to as young as 22. As the featured profiles show, they have learned to be brave and thoughtful leaders, who speak their conscience, take initiative, create opportunities, and find ways to build up individuals while building a better community.

Resident in Radiation Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania

Before going to medical school, Monica Chelius spent two years as a research assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a hospital that provides care to children, teens, and adults in New Jersey and New York. Now, she’s completing her residency at the University of Pennsylvania and training to be a radiation oncologist. Monica spends most of her time talking with patients about their cancer care, drawing on findings from past studies to make suggestions. She also works behind the scenes to plan the radiation treatments, from dosage to distribution. At the University of Pennsylvania, Monica frequently bumps into other MFS graduates.

She attributes her scientific enthusiasm to her former teachers Mr. Drew Newman and Dr. Barb Kreider. “I remember not liking science very much before I came to MFS,” said Monica. “That all changed when I met Dr. Kreider and Mr. Newman. They had so much enthusiasm for science, it was contagious. They involved us in extracurriculars such as the Science Olympiads, Envirothon, and Deborah Heart Challenge. These experiences were fun, mind opening, and attracted me to science.”

Monica earned her undergraduate degree at Duke University after graduating from MFS. She finished her medical degree at Dartmouth College.

“At MFS, I learned how to analyze issues, solve problems, and dig deep into the subjects that interested me. I learned the satisfaction of working cooperatively on team projects with my very talented classmates.”

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