Great kids Going places

Our students are going places. From Preschool through Grade 12, they’re building academic skills and intellectual curiosity, and becoming life-long learners. Ultimately, they are preparing to go on to top-tier colleges, stand out in their chosen professions and fields, and live lives of consequence and courage.

But first and foremost, our students are great kids—kind, compassionate, principled, and hard-working young people who define success on their own terms.

How we teach and learn

How we teach and learn is shaped by our belief in the Inner Light within each of us, which compels us to respect and value others and to achieve our own full potential.

How we engage one another

The MFS experience intentionally builds relationships that last: We know and respect one another as learners and individuals, act in earnest service to the larger community, and curate a space of continual support, courage, and joy.

How Quaker values inform our experience

Serving students from all belief systems, Quakerism upholds universal principles of equality, compassion, reflection, and responsibility—fostering ethical, agile thinking and providing timeless guidance in a rapidly evolving world.

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Great Kids, Going Places

Great Kids Going Places feature

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