Community Visits Introduce Kindergartners to 8 MFS Faculty and Staff

Dec 7, 2018

When developing their lesson plans, Kindergarten teachers Emily Bowditch and Kenya Barber think about how to encourage their students’ natural curiosity. As kindergarteners take their community walks and begin to meet faculty and staff around MFS, they often want to learn more.

A lot of the students’ questions revolve around ‘What does this person do?’ or ‘I see this person when I walk into school; what is his or her job?’” Ms. Bowditch explains. “We’ve found that each year those questions keep coming up, and it seems like a natural progression in the unit for us to bring people in to share about their jobs.”

This year, the Kindergarten class welcomed eight visitors from a range of different departments, including Athletics, College Counseling, Admissions, Maintenance, and Front Desk Reception. This year, Head of School Julia de la Torre was the first guest.

“I think that it really helps to build community and helps the students make connections between who works in the Lower School and who works in the Middle and Upper School,” Ms. Bowditch says. “[Director of College Counseling] Mr. Vassall came earlier this week and decided to do a ‘pinky wave.’ Just today, we were walking to assembly and saw him in the hallway. [He and the students] had a little secret gesture to do and he was giving them high fives. So I think that helps them feel more included in our community and gives them things to look forward to in the future.”

Kindergarteners delivered thank you notes to each visitor, sharpening their navigation skills by traveling to offices and handing each participant his or her card in person.

1st row: Julia de la Torre, Head of School; Keith Vassall, Director of College Counseling

2nd row: Kelly Banik, Lower School Director; Charmaine Goldsmith, Front Desk Receptionist; Arnell Palmer, Maintenance

3rd row: Danielle Dayton, Athletic Director; Monique Sterling, Associate Director of Admissions; Shu Shu Costa, Interim Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

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