Everett Aldrich ’14 Named Winner of Journey to Health Art Competition

Everett Aldrich ’14 was one of four winners in the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey art competition. He received $1000 for his work, and it will be displayed at Horizon BCBSNJ’s headquarters in Newark!

From Everett’s artist statement:

“In my piece, I wanted to show a literal ‘journey to health.’ I’ve portrayed individuals who have just been on a long and horrific journey, and the happiness they’ve received once the cancer was beat… They are giving back so further research and treatment can be conducted. The sunken cheeks and aged looking skin are a sign of stress from his wife’s sickness. He also sheds a tear of joy at the fact that she is alive and well.”
Everett Aldrich ’14, Student at NJIT’s College of Architecture and Design

You can view more of Everett’s artwork at his website. Everett also interned for Hypno Design this year — a Moorestown design firm owned by Alison Judah ’86 — and assisted them in redesigning mfriends.org.


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