“I Am” Poems

"I Am" poems

“I Am” poems

For National Poetry Month, kindergarten students in Kenya Barber’s class wrote “I Am” poems, where each kindergartener reflected on what made him or her an individual. The students described themselves in their poetry by completing the following phrases: I am, I wonder, I hear, I see, I want, I pretend, I feel, I touch, I worry, I cry, I understand, I say, I dream, I try, and I hope.
The kindergartners found inspiration to write these “I Am” poems from a project conducted by the Middle School Diversity & Inclusion Club. In the Middle School hallway, the club created a bulletin board where Middle School students self-identified an aspect of their character, personality, and uniqueness to promote acceptance. As Mrs. Barber’s class visited the Middle School to look at the bulletin board, they were delighted to recognize similar traits between themselves and the Middle Schoolers.

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