Scientia Incipit Hic: Knowledge Begins Here. That will be the Latin motto on the new Moorestown Township Public Library, thanks to a winning contest entry from a Moorestown Friends School student.

Fifth grader Lauren Articolo conceived the winning motto as part of a contest sponsored by the township. At a surprise party today, Lauren was honored for her accomplishment, and her classmates received certificates signed by the mayor of Moorestown. Students, teachers, and family members celebrated Lauren’s achievement with a special cake featuring a photo of the Library and the motto.

Forty fifth grade students in Linda Vizi’s Latin classes submitted entries for the contest, which was sponsored by the township after research revealed that a motto on one of the building’s medallions was erroneously translated. Sixty-five total entries were submitted, with the remaining 25 coming from Moorestown Township High School. Submissions were reviewed by Classics professors at the University of Pennsylvania to ensure their accuracy. The professors then narrowed the field to eight finalists. Moorestown Town Council selected the winner.

Moorestown Friends fifth grade students take a full year of Latin as part of the school’s World Languages curriculum. They learn the basics of grammar and understanding derivatives, and they acquire a greater sense of the study of language through Latin. To learn more about the program, please visit the Middle School Curriculum at mfriends.org.


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