The Lower School Art Show brought students’ creativity to life in Stokes Hall this week!

The theme for 2019 was “Let Your Spirit Soar.” Students in all grade levels, Preschool through Grade 5, brainstormed during art class about what the visual representation of this theme should look and feel like. Kites and hot-air balloons were the most frequently identified items. Building on the theme, students also wanted foxes present to capture school spirit.

In a message to families and visitors, Lower School and Grade 5 Art Teacher Tara Wosiski provided insights about the creative process behind “Let Your Spirit Soar.” “This community art show offered students of varying ages the opportunity to join together in working toward a common goal, deepening their understanding of this important Quaker testimony,” she wrote. “Collaborative work shows students that when many people work in unison, each doing a small part, great things can happen. Community art simultaneously allows each student to have a voice in design and creation while also working in teams. From this, compromise, problem-solving and relationship building result.”

Community projects and grade level contributions included:

  • Triptych Weaving: Preschool
  • Contour Line Self-portraits: Prekindergarten
  • Window paintings: Kindergarten and Grade 3
  • Ceramic birds: Grade 1
  • Crayon mosaic / Paper hot-air balloons: grades 1 and 2
  • Mandala Stones: Grade 2
  • Round weavings: Grade 3
  • Watercolor silk hoops: Grade 4
  • Fox sculptures: Grade 5
  • Unified wire figures: Grade 5
  • Window Color Collage: Grade 5
  • Flying kites: Preschool-Grade 5
    • All grade levels participated in the creation of these kites. They were made by gluing frames together, cutting the kite material, attaching kites to frames, arranging color groupings and attaching tails. This project was created over time and students participated in various stages of project development.

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