On Monday, March 14, the Math Department celebrated Pi Day in Hartman Hall. Every year, faculty and students look forward to eating homemade pies and other treats decorated with the mathematical symbol or “3.14.” This year, the Hall was filled with over 40 pies in all varieties and flavors – key lime, cherry, apple, oreo cream, banana cream, blueberry, and chocolate!

In the classrooms, teachers planned exciting activities to further add to the merriment of the day. Students in Math Department Chair Katie LuBrant’s classes designed artistic bar graphs to represent the digits of pi as urban city skylines. Seventh graders in Math Teacher Karen McHugh’s class held two friendly competitions. Students recited or wrote as many digits of pi as they could remember. They also became stand-up comedians to share their funniest math jokes and punchlines. Juniors and seniors in Math Teacher Michael Omilian’s Calculus AB course (pictured) also showcased their mathematical humor with homemade pun-filled t-shirts.