By Charlie Tanas ’20, Marketing and Communications Student Intern

After working as a professional furniture maker for five years, Erik Curtis joins the MFS faculty, teaching 3D design and Woodworking. Erik graduated from Eastern University with a B.A. in history and religion, and later decided to go back to school in order to pursue his passion for design and furniture craftsmanship in Maine.

The supportive community, freedom, and “the team-oriented feel of the faculty and staff all working together for the betterment of the students” are all reasons Erik shared in his desire to join the MFS community.

“Making the world a more beautiful place is my goal as a maker of things, and making the world a better place is my goal as a person,” said Erik.  “Teaching young people to respect themselves and their own abilities is the first step toward that end.”

“The enjoyment is not in the making, but in the having made. Being able to step back and appreciate the result of hours, days, and weeks of hard, demanding work” is where Erik believes the beauty in creating lies and what he hopes to share with his students.