IDEA LAB – Senior Project Snapshots

Among Friends   Fall 2015

Senior Project Snapshots

During the month of May, seniors engage in off-campus pre-professional projects. Students gain hands-on experience and receive an introduction to the professional world. At the conclusion of their Senior Project, students present reports to faculty and their classmates.



Senior Project: IDEA LAB

Jason Woloshin – Temple University

What were you able to do at IDEA LAB?

I helped design ads for healthcare companies, completed a case study, created several ads and an email blast for Whitesell Construction, designed an infographic for IDEA LAB about their web design steps, and I helped write a commercial for Camden County College (which I also starred in). I also had the chance to work with Jay Winkler, the owner, outside of the internship with his lacrosse apparel company.

How were you able to secure the internship?

I talked to Ms. Edmund, our art teacher, to ask if she knew of any local creative places that she could recommend. One of the first places she told me about was IDEA LAB. I connected to Mr. Winkler through email for about a week, and then I went in, had an interview, and met with two other members of the creative team.

What did you learn during your Senior Project?

I became a lot more comfortable with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and I learned some Photoshop tips I didn’t know before. Also, I worked a lot on my creative writing skills, especially for marketing purposes rather than writing fiction. I learned a little more of the ins and outs of how a company works, especially a smaller one like IDEA LAB, where there are only four people on the creative team who will touch a project.

How does this experience relate to your career plans?

Next year I’ll be attending the Fox Business School at Temple University. My major will be Marketing/Business Management, and I also want to minor in graphic design at the Tyler School of Art. Having an internship like this, in which I was changing the layout of different ads and creating new compositions, helped me learn some of the basics of graphic design. So next year, I’ll already have something on my resume showing that I’ve done this kind of work before. It gives me a step ahead, so now going into my freshman year classes, I’ll already know some fundamentals and have experience in the field.

Can you describe one of your favorite experiences?

Definitely the commercial shoot. But another really great experience I had was going to a meeting with ION Cameras, and we talked about different marketing ideas for a new product they have coming out. So that was nice to contribute in the meeting and brainstorm with both of the companies.

How were you able to contribute as a high school senior transitioning into a college freshman?

They asked me how people my age would use different applications and social media, which helped a lot in their discussion. Also, during the Camden County College commercial process, they let me pick the voice actor because they felt that I would connect to the right demographic. They wanted a younger perspective on a lot of their decisions, and they asked what appealed to me and what didn’t.


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