Upper School Clubs

Agenda Committee

This Committee sets the Agenda for Upper School Meeting for Business. Issues of concern to students are brought to the Agenda Committee for discussion. Frequently the Agenda Committee may appoint a sub-committee to research the issue and bring realistic suggestions to the Agenda Committee for further discussion. The topic is then put on the agenda for further discussion at Meeting for Business. Class officers are expected to attend Agenda Committee, as are Meeting for Business Clerks. All students are welcome and are notified ahead of time of topics to be discussed.

Animal Awareness Club

The Animal Awareness Club helps raise awareness of animal cruelty and endangered species worldwide. Each week, the club examines current events in the world relating to animals and their treatment. The club also hosts discussions on how to help and mend the problems that occur as a result of animal cruelty.

Art and Stress Relief Club

The Art and Stress Relief Club is designed to help students destress through various forms of art. It will create a space for students to relax and work on a fun and simple art project each week that is meant to relieve them of their daily stress.

Chinese Culture Club

Open to all students, Chinese Culture Club will focus on embracing all facets of Chinese culture from food to entertainment, clothing to recreational activities, and stereotypes to reality. Lunchtime meetings will consist of movies, “Learn to make…”days (including dumplings, samosas, paper lanterns, etc.), and discussions of stereotyping and resolutions.

Creative Writing Club

The club is intended to be space that encourages a sense of community within the writers at MFS. Most meetings are used as times for working on projects and sharing them with others for constructive feedback. Occasionally one or more members of the club will be allowed to give a presentation in a structure similar to a class about an aspect of writing that they are especially good at in order to share that skill with the other writers in the club. Overall, the club will be a place for aspiring writers to gather and gain skills from their peers.

Dance Team Club

Dance Team Club is an opportunity for MFS students to expand and develop their dance technique and performance skills!  We will explore many different styles of dance including hip hop, jazz funk, lyrical, and others.  New dance styles are welcomed and encouraged.  During our meetings we will focus on proper physical warm ups, basic technique, and of course learning awesome choreographed routines! All levels of experience are welcome. Dance Team Club will perform at various events throughout the year including, but not limited to, basketball games and arts department concerts, as well as host a dance ensemble performance piece towards the end of the year. Dance is a great way to get some fitness in while having fun. 


DECA is an international organization founded in 1946 with over 215,000 members. DECA prepares students to become leaders in a business environment; it focuses on careers such as Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Management. We will have a curriculum provided to us by the state branch for DECA. We will go over the curriculum and use it to prepare for competitions.

Disney Club

In Disney Club we watch Disney/Pixar movies. We also do Disney trivia before and after the movies. Our fundraiser will  most likely benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.  There are also games to play such as Disney Scene It, and Disney Monopoly. In the end however, we are trying to get everyone together to celebrate the magic of Disney and continue the tradition that Walt Disney started many years ago.

Diversity Committee

Soul Food FestDiversity Committee is a part of MFS student government and is made up of Lead For Diversity trained delegates, representatives from each of the four Upper School classes, and two faculty members. This committee is responsible for Community Forum, for assisting the MFS community with issues around diversity, and for planning and running diversity events. There are two co-clerks who are chosen through a nominating process.

Drama Club

Drama Club provides performance opportunities to anyone interested in theater. At meetings, members play various “improv games” that test their skills at creating characters and acting on the spur of the moment. The club performs in the winter or spring with selections that may appeal to both adults and young children. Many of the Drama Club performers are students who have had little experience acting elsewhere, and who go on to participate in larger roles in all-school plays. The club also attends at least one performance at a local theater each year.


FOCUS stands for “Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools.” This weekly meeting of students and faculty forms a group of individuals deeply involved with spirituality and religion. Christian values and Bible studies are integrated into the discussion. Other religions are studied and discussed, and recent events are analyzed from a spiritual perspective. This club serves as a source of fellowship, religion, and discussion and is open to students of all faiths.

Game Analytics Club

The main goal of Gaming Analytics club is to offer a casual space to discuss the analytical aspects of the video game market; some of the topics we’ll be discussing in the club include things like marketing and consumerism, cultural impact, and evolution of the industry. A typical day for our club will include a short presentation of a topic, followed by an open discussion. Some possible topics we’ll go over include Fortnite, Overwatch, Atari, Sega, and Nintendo.

Gender Equality Forum

Gender Equality ForumThis group is open to all members of the Upper School community. The purpose is to provide a forum to discuss issues of particular concern to women. Topics are suggested by participants and include concerns at school, in their personal lives, in the country, and in the world. When a person suggests a topic, it is hoped that they will also bring some information about the issue or a clear statement of the issue to the meeting. The discussion is guided by the principles of being respectful toward one another and listening carefully to each other, as well as sharing personal reflections on the topic.

Girl Up Club

Girl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation that aims to help adolescent girls in underdeveloped countries have a brighter future. The club works against problems such as child marriage and lack of education. Girl Up Club raises money and advocates for a positive change in lives of girls in need all over the world. (Girl Up Club is not just for girls! Boys can feel free to join as well!)

Global Studies Club

Each month a culture will be chosen. We will learn about this culture through games, movies, food, music, dance, and etc. This will be a club that is entertaining but also interesting and educational. One country or city around the world will be chosen for the month, and the club members will be able to vote on what country they want to study next at the end of the month. Each day the club meets, there will be a different aspect of that culture studied.

Health Awareness Club

Health Awareness is a national organization that holds conferences, competitions, and educates students interested in health occupations. During our meetings we will discuss current issues that are happening around the world.  We will also discuss ways we can take action at MFS and in our local community.

Humanitarian Aid Society

We plan charity events and fundraisers to raise awareness for different charities ranging from animal shelters to diseases to veterans. We are always looking to bring in guest speakers to tell their stories about their organizations.

Indian Culture Club

In this club, we learn about Desi culture. Desi is an umbrella term for people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent. Since Desi culture includes such a diverse and wide variety of nationalities, religions, and traditions, there’s plenty for everybody to learn, including those who are not of Middle Eastern or Indian descent.

Investment Club

Investment club is a student led, interactive program that allows members to learn about the stock market through fun games and simulations. Students of any experience level are invited to join our year-round competition in which we simulate decisions made by a real investor, with a chance of winning personal and class prizes. Throughout this journey, Mr. Obermeier, a former investor, will talk about his experiences in the market and lead conversations about the influences of current events on the economy. Becoming a member of investment club is a great way to learn about the vast world of finance in an enjoyable yet educational manner.

Jewish Culture Club

The purpose of the Jewish Culture Club is to bring Jewish culture to MFS.  It is an opportunity both for Jews to be able to understand the culture as well as for people of other religions to be introduced to it.  Jewish culture however is a very broad culture ranging anywhere from Jewish food to Jewish comedians.  In this club we will learn about Jewish culture and religion while having fun.  We will have discussions ranging anywhere from the entertaining topic of Jewish jokes to the more serious topic of anti-Semitism.  This club is a wonderful way to inspire religious diversity through tolerance and knowledge while experiencing the truly fun side of Jewish culture.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Club

MLK Club is designed to bring together students of all racial and cultural origins in a non-threatening environment. Weekly luncheon meetings give students the opportunity to socialize and learn from each other during structured discussion of multicultural issues.

Model United Nations

Students in this club will prepare for and participate in a large scale simulation of the United Nations that includes schools from across the nation.  Participating students will research a specific country in depth and learn about the procedures and operation of the United Nations. They will also participate in a simulation as delegates. We will aim to attend at least two major conferences and two smaller local conferences over the course of the school year. Note: There will be some costs that must be covered by students who participate, but MFS will make sure that any student interested can participate. 

Operation Smile Club (OSI)

Operation Smile is dedicated to “changing the world, one smile at a time.”  It is with this goal in mind that activities are sponsored such as the cheesecake sale and the “penny game” to raise money and collect toys for children throughout the world who will be undergoing surgery for repair of cleft lips and palates. For several years MFS students have been able to sponsor one child’s surgery. Club members may apply to be part of a medical mission team.


Coming Out DayDuring our People Recognizing Individual Diversity and Equality meetings, we will discuss different issues concerning homosexuality and homophobia.  This is a completely comfortable and open atmosphere. We will work towards planning events to raise awareness to stop homophobia.

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Club fields teams for different Bowl competitions such as Quiz Bowl, The Academic Tournament, History Bowl and Consumer Bowl.  We practice for these competitions during our meetings and plan which competitions to attend.

Service Committee

The Service Committee coordinates service projects for the Upper School. These include all school events such as Martin Luther King Day of Service and the Keep People Warm Collections. The Service Committee reports to the US Agenda Committee. We meet weekly at lunch to plan service projects.

Tabletop Games Club

After teaching and learning how to play the game, rules, mindset, etc. then, we will proceed to run some adventures that are already constructed and hopefully, using the published games as a resource, be able to start writing our own campaigns. Essentially we will try to play as much as we can in one lunch period, but if it turns out we can’t do that, we will use the time for planning either when to meet up or after school and what to do while we are together so we use our time efficiently.


At TED-Ed Club, you will discover and explore great ideas with peers at MFS and around the world. You will be able to research and develop your own “idea worth spreading” and learn how to present it in the form of a short, TED-style talk with the help of Ms. Wertner and the TED approved curriculum.

Video Game Club

Video Game Club is an organization dedicated to exploring and playing video games.  Whether youre a pro at gaming, or have never touched a video game console, wed love to have you come play with us. Well also be raising money for organizations such as Childs Play, a charity designed to ensure that kids in hospitals have the same games and game systems that we enjoy in our school, as well as our homes.

Volleyball Club

On our meeting day we will split into teams and play volleyball.

Women in STEM

The purpose of the Women in STEM Club is to provide opportunities for girls in all grade levels to get involved in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics both in and outside of school.  We hope to achieve this by discussing ways to get involved at MFS, finding programs that pertain to the STEM fields outside of our community, organizing outreach events with younger girls, and more.  We will start our club meeting with a discussion on any topics or ideas that interest or concern us. We will then learn more about them through TED talks, articles, and and the expertise of our club advisor.

Worship Planning

The Upper School Worship Planning is open to all interested Upper School students.  The duties of  Worship Planning is to work with the Chester Reagan Chair to: Provide for an introduction to Meeting for Worship for new students, support all Upper School students in the development of meditation skills and to provide ongoing education in the use of silence by a wide range of religious groups; To manage the Meeting for Worship by selecting and training greeters and those who will close the Meeting and by explaining the meaning of the phrase “the care of the Meeting” to the rising junior class. The members of the Worship and Ministry committee will work to provide openings for Meeting for Worship (about once a month). Members of this committee will be trained to facilitate worship sharing groups and will organize regular worship sharing programs about every six to eight weeks.