College Acceleration Program (CAP) Spotlight: An Opportunity for Students to Advance Their Learning

Nov 30, 2022

By Dinah Megibow-Taylor ’24, Marketing and Communications Department Student Intern

An accessible and unique opportunity for MFS students to get a jumpstart on their college careers is to utilize the College Acceleration Program (CAP) in partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC). The program allows students to earn college credits from RCBC through enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) courses at MFS.

These credits, transferable to most four-year universities, “help students to engage in advanced course work earlier in their college career and can help students to graduate early if they wish” noted Upper School Director Noah Rachlin.

The program’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it provides another method for students to advance their Upper School career besides taking difficult classes. Students that take advantage of the program, like Angie Siaca-Sánchez ’24, are grateful for the chance to earn valuable college credit while in the Upper School.

“I thought it was a good way to advance my high school career in a way that’s not just taking an AP class,” Angie said.

Available to all students who are enrolled in one of the 12 AP courses eligible, the program provides dual enrollment in an RCBC course-equivalent without having to take an extra course outside of school. Instead, upon completion of the AP course, automatically earn the appropriate credits.

“I was able to get credit for my AP Calculus class through CAP and that has provided me with a bit more flexibility in scheduling my classes,” said Evan Schlotterbeck ’21, a sophomore at Muhlenberg College.

Director of College Counseling Damian Long affirmed that through the CAP, “students can really add up on college acceleration” and that the program, through earning credit for introductory college courses, “can contribute to cost savings and ability to take more courses as an undergraduate.”

Click here to learn more about the College Acceleration Program.

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