On Wednesday, December 5 from 9-10 a.m., Moorestown Friends School will host “Rhythm and Code,” a free special event where parents and their children (age 3+) can experience the music and coding programs at MFS. Families will gather in the Stokes Hall Lobby and go on to explore activity stations in different areas of the school.

Why Rhythm & Code?

Learning in the Beginnings Early Childhood Education Program is a hands-on experience for our students. Our dedicated, specialized teachers note the importance of a rich and varied curriculum infused with art and technology below:

Rhythm: “Each human is born with an innate amount of musical aptitude, which can increase or decrease based on the quality of early musical education experiences, and then begins to standardize by the age of nine. Simply put, as an adult you might be able to learn what keys to press to play a chord on the piano, but no matter how much technical expertise you learn, you will only be able to utilize the pitch and rhythm discrimination that you developed as a child.”

Code: “The Beginnings Early Childhood Education Program has three strands: coding, problem-solving, and teamwork. So whether your child becomes a doctor, chemist, theatrical set designer, lawyer, or computer programmer, (s)he will be equipped with valuable computational thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills developed from an early age.”

Visit MFS for a day of enriching educational experiences in Joanna Stamper’s Music Classroom and Rachel Kaplan’s Coding Room.

RSVP at mfriends.org/admissions/open-houses/.
For more information, contact Sonia Boddén, Admissions Office, sbodden@mfriends.org, (856) 914-4426.