Upper School Student Spends Summer Conducting Research in Rowan Research Lab

“While many high school students from southern New Jersey headed to the beach, Matthew Will, a student at Moorestown Friends School, spent his summer break helping develop a new chemical measurement tool.”

That was the lead for a recent Rowan University news story about the summer research experience of Matthew Will ’25.

After spending a few days shadowing Rowan Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Dr. James Grinias in June 2021, Matthew received an invitation to participate this past summer on a a project which involved building instruments to analyze complex chemical mixtures as part of Dr. Grinias’ NSF-funded CAREER project. His participation was made possible thanks to the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) new MPS-High program which focuses on broadening the participation of high school students in mathematics and physical sciences.

Read more on the Rowan University website.

Photo, courtesy of Rowan University: Matthew Will ’25 (left), works in a research lab with Rowan graduate student Christopher Piccolo.

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