Capstone Program

The MFS Capstone Program is designed to challenge and inspire students who wish to pursue advanced study in a particular field. Beginning in the spring semester of junior year and running through the middle of senior year, the program asks participants to produce scholarly work by engaging in independent research and/or creative development under the guidance of a MFS faculty member.

Participants meet weekly with their advisors but complete the bulk of the work on their own. All projects culminate in a public demonstration, which may take the form of an academic presentation/defense or a creative performance. A typical project will require a minimum of 40 hours of work.


Recent Capstone Projects include:
  • A Study of Aerodynamics in Plane Wings
  • Bilingualism in Indian Children in America
  • Colorism and Racism in the Hispanic/LatinX Community
  • Creating a Cookbook
  • History of the Helmet: How The Football Helmet Has Evolved To Protect Against CTE
  • Let’s Talk: Creating Change Through Our Outrage
  • Mental Healthcare Disparities within Low Income Communities’ Perpetuation of Racism and Classism
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases & Exercise
  • Teaching the Constitution: A Modern Perspective
  • Teaching Toward my Passion: MFS Beekeeping Course
  • The Internet: An Open & Honest Conversation
  • The Opioid Epidemic in Adolescents: Why It Needs to Be Talked About
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