Messages from Camden Scholars Alumni

Sonia Mixter Guzman ’02, MFS Parent
• B.A. Rutgers University
• Operations and Communications Manager, Ronald McDonald House, Camden, NJ
“Nowhere else would I have been more comfortable and happy in my skin. Finding my passions, my dreams, and the strength to pursue them is something I credit not only my parents with, but the teachers who spent countless hours listening to my worries, wiping away my doubts, and pushing me further than I thought was possible.”

Mark Mitchell ’86, Former MFS Trustee
• B.S. Northwestern University
• Vice President, National Association of Independent Schools
“The Camden Scholars Program allowed me the opportunity to attend MFS, which opened my eyes to what the ‘world’ outside of Camden looked like and the possibilities for success that it held for me. One of the key, primary motivators for my work with K-12 private schools is that I have the opportunity to help other schools do for students what MFS did for me, through the Camden Scholars Program.”

Lorenzo Gibson ’12, Member Camden Scholars Advisory Committee
• B.A. Columbia University
• Co-Founder and Principal, Jolt Creative Agency
“MFS played, and continues to play, an integral role in my development as a person and as a thinker. In many ways, this school not only equipped me to be a strong, contributing member of society, but it also informed my perspective as an agent of change. As a Camden Scholar, my identity as a student was situated between two realms: the world as I knew it and the world as it perhaps could be. Because of the ethical training, intellectual discoveries, and general sense of happiness that MFS facilitated for me for six wonderful years, I understand my capacity to impact the world with a profound clarity. Try as I might, I cannot imagine having been as thoroughly educated at any other institution.”

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