Upper School

Upper School

Moorestown Friends School provides a challenging and varied program of study for each student. We prepare students for rewarding and successful experiences in college and beyond by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, and we encourage students to explore the diverse world around them.

Emphasizing breadth of learning, depth of mastery, and real-world application of skills, the Upper School curriculum offers students a rigorous, broadly-based liberal arts education. The curriculum includes 16 Advanced Placement courses and honors level courses in all major disciplines. Critical thinking, strong writing and quantitative reasoning skills, and attention to the moral and ethical underpinnings of intellectual inquiry are stressed at every grade level.

Within the parameters of our graduation requirements, students have significant latitude to design their own course of study. Many explore subjects of special interest in significant depth, either through advanced courses or through an extraordinarily rich selection of electives.

Upper School programs blend traditional classroom learning with action-oriented experiential activities. All students must complete 50 hours of community service, and many participate in service trips to places like New Orleans, the Florida Everglades, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Teachers make effective use of area resources, often bringing classes to museums, exhibits, and special events. All students also participate annually in Intensive Learning, a week-long off-campus collaborative educational experience. The result: students who enter college prepared to “do well and do good.”

—Meredith Godley, Upper School Director